Looking Back at Black with Esther Roman

Thursday, June 21, 2018
6:30 - 9 pm
Esther Roman, a cultural historian of African-American memorabilia, has been a collector for over twenty years. Many of the artifacts in her collection tell their own story through the evolution of the black image. Esther Roman did not start out to be a collector of African American memorabilia. In fact, she refers to herself as an “accidental collector.”  Roman, herself an African American, became interested in the items after being given an old 6” wooden ruler with the name, “G.A. Morgan” stamped on it. After researching the name, she became intrigued by the history that surrounded the piece. This led to over twenty years of collecting African American cookie jars, household items, records, sheet music, dolls photographs, ephemera, toys, sports and political memorabilia, as well as numerous miscellaneous artifacts. For her, collecting African American memorabilia has been fascinating and gives people a glimpse back at African American history. She believes that these items all have a story to tell and she has decided to take on the job of helping them to tell their story.

Cultural Sensitivity Disclaimer

“Looking Back at Black” with speaker and cultural historian Esther Roman contains sensitive content which some people may find upsetting.

Please be aware that the intention behind this lecture is to educate and to give an immersive glimpse into the history of the African-American experience through photographs, political memorabilia, ephemera, as well as numerous miscellaneous artifacts.

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