80th Annual McKee Student Art Contests & Exhibition

Feb 26, 2011 - Apr 3, 2011

The Haggin Museum begins its 80th Anniversary year with the annual McKee Student Art Contest & Exhibition—the longest-running student art competition in the United States.

This year’s exhibition, on display February 26 through April 3, 2011, contains 1,329 entries from nearly 70 schools in San Joaquin County—one of the most far-reaching in the show’s history.

The exhibition was first envisioned by founding patron Robert T. McKee, whose goal was to encourage students by providing a public venue for their artworks. It features the work of San Joaquin student artists in kindergarten through grade 12.

Due to the immense number of entries, the walls of the West and Tuleburg Galleries are covered from top to bottom with two-dimensional art works. In addition to photographs and mixed-media pieces, these include works created in crayon, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil and acrylic paint. Sculptures and other three-dimensional works are displayed on pedestals throughout the two galleries.

The resulting exhibition is a snapshot of arts education in our area and underscores the importance of creative activity in the classroom.

The Haggin Museum is proud of this longstanding collaboration with the schools of San Joaquin County. We are honored again this year to celebrate the effort of its teachers and expression of its young artists.


Artist Chella Gonsalves serves as this year's judge

This year's works were judged by artist and educator Chella Gonsalves, who has more than 40 years of teaching and art experience. She is accomplished in many media but prefers painting agricultural subjects “en plein air” (outside).

She is the founder of The Young Master’s art exhibition in Modesto and recently installed her art work in the State Capitol. She has also illustrated books of poetry, cookbooks and storybooks for Modesto’s historic McHenry Mansion.

According to Gonsalves:

The collection of over 1,300 young artists was overwhelming in both number and quality of works. San Joaquin County classroom teachers and art supervisors are keeping the visual arts in the system alive!!! Congratulations to them and the artists' families. Every artist whose work is in this show is a winner, congratulations. Show it with pride!

As a judge of young artists’ work, I strive first to encourage originality; the idea should come from the artist from one of the following sources: 1) the naked eye, 2) the imagination or 3) from personal recall. Then, to determine a winning artwork, it should also show emotion, feeling and make a personal statement about the subject.

A quick once-over with post-its was my first step to start the process of judging. Then returning to the beginning of each grade category, I slowly and deliberately looked at each artwork, no matter how big or small. Then, I recorded the more outstanding and different works and 'starred' the possible winners. At this point I considered the source of the idea, content, art lesson, and technique. And in the final step, I selected winning work that illustrated a personal input of feeling and emotion. Skill and draftsmanship were somewhat of a concern but don’t definitely determine a winner!!

Participating Schools

Aspire Schools:
Apex Academy
Benjamin Holt College Prep Academy
Langston Hughes Academy
Home Schools:
Kolbe Academy
Jefferson Elementary:
Jefferson School
Monticello Elementary
Lammersville Elementary
Lincoln Unified:
Claudia Landeen
Colonial Heights
Don Riggio
John R. Williams
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln High
Mable Barron
Tully C. Knoles
Linden Unified:
Linden Elementary
Lodi Unified:
Bear Creek High
Ellerth Larson Elementary
Heritage Primary Elementary
Julia Morgan Elementary
Reese Elementary
Vinewood Elementary
Wagner-Holt Elementary
Manteca Unified:
Shasta Elementary
Stella Brockman Elementary
Walter Woodward
New Jerusalem:
Delta Charter High
Private Schools:
Annunciation, Stockton
Carden Academy, Stockton
Connecting Waters Charter School
Merryhill School, Stockton
Presentation School, Stockton
St. Anne's Catholic School, Lodi
St. Bernard's, Stockton
St. George Parish, Stockton
St. Mary’s High, Stockton
Valley Lines, Stockton
San Joaquin County Office of Education:
Venture Academy
Stockton Unified:
Cesar Chavez High
Cleveland Elementary
Commodore Stockton Skills
Edison High
El Dorado Elementary
Elmwood Elementary
Fillmore Elementary
Franklin High
George W. Bush Elementary
Harrison Elementary
Hazelton Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Huerta Elementary
Jane Frederick Continuation High
Kohl Open
Martin Luther King
Maxine Hong Kingston
Peyton Elementary
Pittman Elementary
Primary Years Academy
Roosevelt Elementary
Spanos Elementary
Stagg High
Taft Elementary
Taylor Leadership Academy
Valenzuela Elementary
Van Buren Elementary
Victory Elementary
Washington Elementary
Weber Institute
Wilson Elementary
Victory Park - Stockton
1201 N. Pershing Ave
Stockton, CA 95203
(209) 940-6300
12:00-5:00 p.m.

1:30-5:00 p.m.

1:30-9:00 p.m.
1st & 3rd Thursdays