A View From Space

Jun 6, 2013 - Sep 8, 2013

A View from Space, a new, bilingual (Spanish and English), highly interactive, hands-on science exhibit, will allow visitors to see the world from a satellite’s perspective. They can track a hurricane from space, send a satellite spinning into orbit around a model Earth, study incredible images of our planet captured by NASA’s Earth Observing System, and more.

This new exhibition is designed to introduce visitors to the latest and greatest of the Earth-observing satellites and give them an appreciation for the value of studying Earth from space. Visitors will be challenged to become the scientist, study satellite images and try to answer important questions about the workings of our dynamic planet.

There are numerous hands-on activity sections such as the Satellite Activity Area, which encourages families to learn about space and satellites together through creative, open-ended play and exploration. A posting board lets visitors display their artwork and allows educators to share the latest news from NASA’s Earth-observing satellites.

Visitors can spin a praxinoscope and see an entire year of North America satellite data compressed into a few seconds of animation. Complex patterns of change are suddenly revealed as visitors watch cycles of drought, snow accumulation and vegetation growth across the continent.

These are just some of the many areas visitors can enjoy as they learn more about those mysterious “eyes in the skies.”



José HernándezThe Haggin Museum is honored to partner with Former NASA Astronaut José M. Hernández and the Reaching for the Stars Foundation.

Hernández has donated extraordinary items to the museum which will be on display with the exhibition, including a flight suit he trained in, a mission badge and samples of space food.

One of four children in a migrant farming family from Mexico, Hernández graduated from Franklin High School in Stockton and earned a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering at University of the Pacific.

Hernández will be the special guest at the 2nd Saturdays for Families event on June 8, when he will talk about his journey to space.

The Reaching for the Stars Foundation strives to ensure opportunities for children to pursue their educational and professional goals regardless of perceived obstacles.

A View from Space was created and is toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon. The exhibition was made possible with funds provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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