Stephens Bros

Stephens Brothers Boat Builders (Stephens Bros.) is one of the most respected names in boat design.

They began in the Stockton, California back yard of brothers Theodore (Thod, 1882-1933) and Robert (Roy, 1884-1953) Stephens in 1902. The company was later managed by Thods' three sons, "Theo" Jr., Barre, and Dick Stephens.

During their 85-year history, Stephens Bros. became famous for its elegantly designed pleasure craft, including sailboats, speedboats, cruisers, and private yachts, a large number of which are still in existence. Stephens Bros. also built many vessels for the U.S. military.

When Stephens Brothers closed in 1987, the last of the company files and holdings were donated to the Haggin Museum. On display in the museum’s California room is a 1927 Stephens 26’ Runabout.

A more extensive history of the company can be found at the Stephens Bros. Boat Builders Wikipedia entry.

Stephens Bros. boat owners and hobbyists consult The Haggin Museum's collection on a regular basis. The collection holding varies from boat to boat, but can include plans, advertisements, photographs, and hull files. A basic research fee of $25 is charged for use of the archive in order to help meet the costs of maintaining these materials. This fee is waived for museum members.

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In 2002, The Haggin Museum created an exhibition for the centennial anniversary of Stephens Bros.

The accompanying exhibition catalog, Stephens Bros. Boat Builders and Designers, by Barry Ward, is available for purchase through the Museum Store.

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Please identify the hull number of the vessel you are interested in prior to contacting the museum for research.

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