Growing Community Quilt by Quilt

October 5, 2019 1 pm - 3 pm

What is a good way to build a community? Try making a quilt. Historically, villages were built as the quilts were being sewn, and everyone had a job and connecting to a common goal and vision. It’s the perfect model for building classroom culture. That’s what Annie Hughes did for 22 years of teaching at Stockton Unified schools. She and her students would make a quilt and build a community of learners and creators.

Join us for an afternoon to view a collection of quilts made by Annie and her students during her time as a teacher at Stockton Unified Schools. A number of quilts will be on display in the New Gallery on the main level of the Museum. In addition to the display, visitors can participate in a hands-on activity related to the art of quilting.

Join the fun at Haggin Museum!

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