Vertche II, Victor Vasarely, Serigraph, 1978

Victor Vasarely Collection

On View: June 2, 2022 - July 31, 2022

Victor Vasarely is considered the leader of Op Art (opticokinetic art) a mathematically themed form of abstract art that was developed in the early 1960s with an aim to stimulate the eye through the radical use of shapes and colors. Vasarely’s innovations in optical illusion and kinetic art have inspired many contemporary artists.

This collection reflects Vasarely’s ability to see the world through a prism, translating shapes and forms into a set of basic “art elements,” which he captured and then used to convey his messages through his stunning images.

From the Firos Collection. Single Source Travelling Exhibition provided by: PAN Art Connections Inc.


JULY 9 | 1 – 3 PM at the Haggin Museum

Join us at the Haggin for a day of mind-bending optical art activities! Experiment with color, line, and shape as you create your own work of Op Art. You’ll be able to to choose from several activities and materials to personalize your work!


Educational Activities

All ages can explore the Victor Vasarely exhibition through these fun, interactive activity guides.

“Trick of the Eye” Spy & Coloring Activity Sheet
Create your own optical illusion with this fun coloring sheet! The PDF also includes a challenging eye spy activity for visitors as they explore the galleries and the Victor Vasarely Collection. Print outs will also be available at the museum’s Visitor Services Desk. Click here to download the PDF.

At Home Op Art Activity Sheet
Learn about Op Art and how color, shape, and line create optical illusions. Concepts include color theory basics such as primary, secondary, complementary colors and how they interact with each other. Click here to download the PDF.

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