Chinese Herb Shop

Travel back in time as you stroll down the Main Street of a typical California town at the turn-of-the-last-century. Here you will see the store fronts of a blacksmith’s shop, one-room school house, general store, pharmacy, saloon, barbershop, and Chinese herb shop.Take time to notice intricate details around you, including the wood plank floor that was once part of Stockton’s historic Santa Fe railroad depot.

This Chinese herb shop was once an important part of the heart and history of downtown Stockton. Before urban renewal in the 1960s, Stockton’s Chinatown was a cultural and commercial hub of Chinese-American life in the city with a long, diverse history; immigrants, travelers, and many generations of Stocktonians lived and worked here together. Most of the items displayed in this exhibit come from the Fung Lee Herb Shop located in Stockton’s Chinatown. Within the display are roots, herbs, animal parts, and other natural remedies used to treat a variety of ailments.

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