Snow in Stockton, Do You Remember Series, Ralph O. Yardley

Yardley’s People, Places, & Things

On View: September 14, 2023 - January 14, 2024

For over 50 years Ralph O. Yardley (1878 – 1961) captured the mood of his times in his illustrations and cartoons. He worked for many newspapers and publications such as the San Francisco Examiner, the San Francisco Chronicle, Honolulu’s Pacific Commercial Advertiser, the San Francisco Bulletin, the New York Globe, and the San Francisco Call. In 1922 he returned to Stockton and spent three decades at the Stockton Record as its resident artist.

Yardley’s daily editorial cartoons dealt with the topical issues of the day and his artwork decorated the paper’s many special features, advertising supplements and holiday issues. One of his most popular contributions to the Record was his “Do You Remember” series, which he initiated in November of 1924. Published every Monday, these pen and ink sketches—based upon old photographs and the artist’s own memories—recalled the people, places, and events of Stockton’s past.

Ralph Yardley on his last day at the Stockton Record, July 1952, Haggin Museum Collection

Ralph Yardley’s People, Places & Things showcases illustrations from the Haggin Museum’s collection which includes over 1,100 original works donated by the Record in 1970. This collection of images gives viewers a highly detailed glimpse into Stockton’s bygone era—often with humorous touches so characteristic of the artist. They serve as a wonderful visual history of Stockton and reflect the love that Yardley had for his hometown.

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