Evening depicts a hazy moon silhouette as it reflects on the landscape, illuminating a village below. The foliage that frames the edge of the canvas glows in monochromatic dark yellow-greens. The landscape is richly textured with carefully painted plants and shrubbery, and a lone bird can be seen perched atop a tree limb.

Similar to painters in the Hudson River and Barbizon Schools of art, Ralph Albert Blakelock’s paintings often provide an intimate view into the inner workings of his psyche. He captured poetic scenes of wilderness imbued with feelings of loneliness, melancholy and isolation— they were as beautiful as they were haunting; mystical, yet imaginative.

While he struggled with depression and mental health disorders throughout most of his adult life and career, Blakelock’s innate ability as an artist to discover a new awareness of space, color, and form, as well as how he treated his subject matter with extraordinary sensitivity remains at the heart of his artistic legacy.

Located in the American Art Gallery

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